Certain plugin toolbar icons are TINY

A seemingly random selection of plugins have icons that are too tiny to use. Older posts around here seem to suggest I have to manually resize these images… any simple pointers I am missing here would be much appreciated. Plugins include Artisan @mind.sight.studios , @tt_su _su (Architect tools, Edge tools), Bezier Spline Tooolbar (@Fredo6 ), etc. I’m on a solid 1-yr old Windows 10 ThinkPad laptop with a 3840x2160 native display set to 250% recommended scaling, with extension to an older 1920x1200 display set to100% recommended scaling. The problem occurs on both screens and regardless of reducing scaling.

this i what I’m looking at:

What happens if the native display resolution is set to 150%?

I suspect that @RLGL is right - if I recall correctly, scaling beyond 150% is not recommended for SketchUp due to issues such as this. My guess about the older display is that SketchUp applies the same scaling to icons on all displays and the internal one is dominating.

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Are you changing the scaling when SketchUp is open?
SketchUp supports display scaling up to 150%. I understand plugin icons are PNG or BMP images while SketchUp itself uses SVG vector graphics.

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A subtlety to this is that the laptop screen is the hires screen, but it is physically small, so I use the older, lower-res secondary extension screen for SU as it gives me a larger and better-positioned thing to look at.

The laptop screen is the one set to 250% scaling, which in general results in a good balance. Reducing this does indeed make the problem icons bigger/workable in SU on the extension screen, but now completely everything on the laptop screen is tiny - not workable.

The secondary screen, where I typically use SU, is set to 100%. Increasing this also improves the problem icon sizes somewhat, but everything else becomes absurdly large - also not workable.

Both the problematic and non-problematic icons respond to scaling changes to both screens. There seems to be a fixed size ratio between the two sets of icons, which I would assume is related to those particular plugins…??

@Anssi yes I was scaling with SU open, but stopped and did the above experiments closing/opening SU between scaling changes.

Not quite correct.

From the SketchUp API’s UI::Command#small_icon= method documentation:

Since SketchUp 2016 it is possible to provide vector images for the cursors. SVG format for Windows and PDF format for OS X. Since the vector images scale for both small and large icon sizes, you may choose to use only one vector image for both variants.

So it is up to the extension developer to update their extensions to use vector icons to support display scaling.

This also means that is up to the end user to update their extensions to newer versions if available.


FWIW some authors have made the change or offer .svg toolbar icons. Fredo6, for example does offer them in his FredoSpline extension. It’s not very likely that he’ll update the old BezierSpline extension anymore, though.

Sounds like no tricks I’m missing? I’ll make sure I’ve updated what I can.

Thanks all.

Have you tried setting the screen resolution lower so you can reduce the scaling.

Yes, extensions needs to be updated to provide vector icons for high DPI monitors.

A good many of my extensions where created before that was an option, so they still have bitmap icons as they’ve not had an update for a while.

Updating all icons is rather tedious and I’ve not had time to do everything. I have however gotten community help on some. For instance QuadFace Tools which has a lot of icons got updated thanks to a user helping me out recreate them. I also got some help on Selection Toys, but I’ve not had time to address that yet (still require work on my end.)

This is where I’d highly recommend the community helping out extension developers - returning the favour for the free extensions provided. As an extension developer of 50+ extensions - I can assure you that any assistance is most welcome.


Do you know of a guideline about the requirements of an icon SVG image?


Good question! Because there are some quirks, such as SU not supporting all SVG features. I need to dig around in my notes.

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