All toolbar icons for non-native/extensions are TINY on my display


When _ use my laptop at main office, second monitor, all is good. both monitors display correctly.
When I unplug and use the laptop independently, icons on all toobars that are not part of stock sketchup (all third party extensions) are super small. I have tried Workspace, Use large Icons. that’s not the issue. It’s very weird._ .

Actually, Joint PushPull and Placemeker and non-native…and those icons are fine.


One of the third party extensions (Fredo Joint PushPull?) behaves scales as intended. Maybe the others use fix sized PNG icons while that one uses SVGs?


Tools on Surface, for one, uses PNGs instead of SVGs for the icons. As @eneroth3, indicates, that’s part of the issue. Reduce the scaling on your display to less than 150% and that should help.


Why would the laptop screen show sketchup and icons perfectly when hooked up to second monitor but go wonky when it’s standalone?

I’d like to have it so that I can work at my desk, via the port, and have second and third monitor (currently working fine) and then take the laptop on the road and have it function without monkeying around.


Probably different scaling at the two screens.


Guess I don’t understand that. the same laptop plugged in to two other monitors…unplug it…now standalone…and the toolbars are wonky.


You might want to ask the authors of those extensions to redo them to use SVG instead of PNG images. The screen scaling thing is why SketchUp and some extension authors have switched to SVG.

If you restart your computer after disconnecting the second monitor, you may find that the graphics card plays nicely.