Ceiling disappeared

Hi, I have created a ceiling in my design and I hide it. I haven’t been able to get it back so i decided to copy and paste it into the model from my previous files I’ve saved. However, when i do so it copied into my model with just a blue box around it and not the object.
PNG Ceiling%20design

Is the content of the group/component on a layer which isn’t visible? Turn on all your layers.

Even when i turn on all the layers and click unhide it still doesn’t appear.

With all layers turned on and hidden geometry exposed (View>Hidden Geometry) do you see anything?

Is the ceiling a component with a useful name that you can identify in the Outliner?

I can see it in hidden geometry, How can i undo that hidden geometry?

The ceiling is a group but within that group it has components

Open the groups/components until you get to whatever is hidden. Then unhide it.

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Thanks Dave, my ceiling has been retrieved

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