Career Opportunities using SketchUp Pro/LayOut

Howdy all,
I have been asked to develop course instructions using SketchUp Pro/Layout for Johnson County Community College here in Kansas City.
In discussions the Admin staff it was mentioned; how can we acquire names of local business companies using SketchUp Pro to help students find work after their studies are complete.
I wonder if there is a database of architects, cabinet-makers, engineers etc. for a resource we can make available to our students?
I appreciate any insights-thank you.

a reference user list does not exist, providing user address information also could impose privacy issues and is often not desired by users because consuming ressources as e.g. time for phone calls etc.

On the other hand, almost any architectual firm I know of, uses SketchUp in the preliminary fase…
(Allthough they would not always admit it) :smiley:
In the end, it is just a tool to communicate ideas…

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Hello Pat,
I have to help you on your parking garage project
Let’s discuss - project and leadtimes

I’ve been using SKU for 8 years or so
I have 2021 at my home office

Please text or leave a voicemail and I will return your call

Thanks and enjoy your day