Captions (created via text tool) don't render

Hello guys!

I’m totally new to the SketchUp, been a 3DsMax user but also amateur only. At the moment I’m creating a project of a desk for my mom and need to send it tomorrow’s morning to the carpenter. The only thing that’s left is showing him the dimension of every object of my desk. I love the fact that Text Tool is giving You these small arrows and pointers and You can write everything in the input box BUT unfortunately I don’t know how to render it. I’m using free Maxwell renderer now (since it has some amazing Walnut Wood materials) and it renders everything beside the captions.

I’d be more than thankful if someone could help me!

Text and dimensions are not renderable entities. An option, though is to make an image export directly from SketchUp and combine it with the rendered image.

Whaaaaat? :frowning: That’s terrible!

So are there only two solutions for making captions?

  1. Not moving Your scene and just hiding everything than captions and then image exporting from SketchUp, next combining the render + exported image
  2. Putting the captions via Photoshop

Is there any particular reason why text and captions are not renderable?

Have you considered going with a less-artistic, but probably easier to read, printout? It seems to me that you would be somewhat less interested in impressing the carpenter with cool textures than in conveying to him the clearest possible representation of the geometry and associated dimensions. Not only is a third-party rendering unnecessary to this purpose, it would probably muddy the waters.

I would suggest you use SU’s native print facility to create a detail view of each part and another of the assembly, dimensioned and annotated as necessary, to deliver unambiguous instructions to the carpenter. In fact, check the High Accuracy HLR box on the Print dialog to send your views to the printer as vectors. They will be stripped of textures and shadows altogether, but the linework will be sharp.

You can make a photo-realistic rendering, sans production annotations, for your mom, who will probably appreciate the artistry more than the carpenter.



Because they aren’t faces. Edges of faces don’t get rendered, either.

I agree with Gully. The carpenter really isn’t going to be interested in pretty pictures if he’s going to build a desk. He’s going to be interested in the dimensions and details.

If you really have to combine a rendered image and dimensions, it is really not that difficult. I did this, including setting up the render in the time it took you to write about non-faces not rendering.

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Of course I did and this is exactly what I want to do and give my carpenter. I just didn’t know that You don’t render this kind of image but just print it. I absolutely don’t need colors, shadows and all that stuff. Thank You for the advice with HLR. I’ve been graphic designer for years now so I’m more than happy hearing that SU can export vector.

@DaveR Thank You for the explanation. I know that it won’t take much time, just thought SU has it built in the render. As I said, I’m novice to SU :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Oh my… I love this little LayOut program! And You could mention I can import rendered image of my object to Layout and then add dimensions :wink:

Humm I like this but would make the fold out from the bottom for a bigger area to use . . Small legs would be made much bigger though . . Also like the angle for using as a drawing table Means DEAD ON 90 Degree angles on the corners and Straight sides for T-Square !

@lynne, what the heck are you going on about? You’re off topic. Again.

The desk in the drawing is based on an historic piece of furniture. If you don’t like it, talk to the person who designed it. You can make your desk any way you want.

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I thought I was talking to person who made it and it was not off topic !