Can't zoom in close enough to work on a 65' x 35' building in SketchUp

I am new to digital drafting. I have extensive experience in single-family construction (28 years in the business, Red Seal Carpenter). I can do this on paper, but want to learn the digital way!

My first problem: I am laying out the exterior walls of my building, but I can’t zoom in close enough to work on it. I have tried placing a reference line 2’ from my green axis, but when I try to zoom in to work on that line, it disappears.


I place the cursor in close proximity to the object then zoom with the middle scroll,

Paul: There are many tutorials for Su starting at beginners and going forward which you can go thru in very short time aka 1=>2 days ;
Learning curve for the basics is not that steep so suggest you learn some like you have obiviously done before;
Here is a starting point

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You can use this icon to view your entire model (maybe only one line)…