Can't use any menu functionality without right click

Using my.sketchup on a Windows tablet or convertible laptop with touch (in my case MS Surface Pro 4 on Windows 10), Chrome browser. Most everything works perfectly except there’s no way to right click using touch.

There really needs to be an alternative way to access menus that doesn’t rely on right click. Aside from the reason above, it would also make menu functionality more discoverable for all users, who might not think to right click and discover how powerful Sketchup is.


  • a context menu button in top left corner with other menu-y things
  • a button on the entity info panel
  • triple-click
  • etc

I don’t own a Windows tablet, but the Internet seems to agree on that holding your finger on the screen (instead of tapping) is interpreted as a right click.



Which functions are you using most in the right click menu? Which don’t you use?

Curious to hear other opinions on this topic.

Thank you so much for bringing this up!


UX|UI Designer

Hi Eric,

These are the right click menu items that I use all the time:

  1. Make Group
  2. Make Component
  3. Hide / Unhide
  4. Flip along red/green/blue
  5. Intersect faces (with selection)
  6. Erase
  7. Explode

Also something I use all the time from the menu bar in the desktop app, but not sure if it’s in, is toggling on and off display of rest of model when editing a group/component.

Functions I never use from the right click menu are those that are already directly available elsewhere such in the panels on the right sidebar, like Entity Info. No need to right click for that when you can just directly go to the panel.