Can't set default opacity for front/back of surfaces

I feel like a crazy person when I read this thread.

Where. Is. The. Opacity. Bar. In Sketchup Windows?

I just want to select a color and set an opacity to almost completely transparent (retail window) and the mac UI is great, but I have a PC now and I cannot find this stupid opacity bar. WTF?

You mean this opacity slider bar?

Select a material in the In Model collection and click on the edit tab.

Yessssss, thank you so much!

All of the windows are jammed up on top of eachother on the side so it’s
tough to see what is in them.

You can expand the windows in the tray.

Is there a crayon mode to the color palette in Sketchup Windows version? I
don’t see this in the Windows version. Must be Mac only?

That is Mac only.

I had a similar problem. A material with transparency set will only appear transparent from one side. Do “Reverse faces” on the plane that won’t go transparent. If a wall has 2 sides apply the material to both and if either remains opaque do “Reverse Faces.”