Can't set 2023 to be set as the default Layout version

Layout won’t allow 2023 to be set as the default version. All versions up to the latest are available.

Did you run the installer using Right Click Run as admin?
If not do so and select Repair when given the option.

(re)Installed as admin. Wasn’t given Repair Option. Wasn’t given the newest version to set as default from right click. Tried to set it by navigating to file on computer. Set it. And it still tries to open with 2021.

Thanks for your help anyhow! The work around is that I have to open LO 23 first.

Which is different to running the installer when you are an admin.
Select the downloaded install.exe, right click on it and choose Run as Administrator, follow prompts and choose Repair.

If you have done that I’m sorry for repeating myself.

Nothing worked for me.

I ended up uninstalling all previous versions of SketchUp.

I’ve fully embraced 2023 - don’t need previous versions as backup… yet :wink:

That’s what I did.

Don’t apologize, I’m very grateful for your help.

I can’t. I still own a perpetual version of one from a while back. I haven’t needed a previous version as backup…yet too.

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