Can't seem to drape the landscape pattern onto the grounds

Hi I asked a previous question. Somehow I overcame the problem in an unorthodox way
by highlighting the pattern and then delete all the planes in between one by one
and then I sort of cut the pattern down a bit
But now I am stuck again with this pattern not wanting to drape onto the green grass
to prepare some planting for a possible rendering.
The shape in the middle where the building is standing I deleted it to make the file smaller
000_52_LANDSCAPEpatternTOdrapeONTOgrounds.skp (11.8 MB)
Thanks for any help.
I made the green grounds long time ago before Covit
then did not have enough GB on my PC so had to wait for some recycled upgrade
Still need a better graphic card.
So I looked at the pattern again its not little squares like usual mesh its more triangles
I wonder if that is the reason it doesn’t want to drape onto it??

There are few issues with your model, but basically you need to turn on Edges for it to work.
View/Edge Style/Edges

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Oh Mr BOX you made my two days! If I dare say such a simple thing making such a fast solution

After draping worked like a dream THANK YOU!! I have not hidden the edges on the pond side
. Is that the right thing to do before I “try” to render it?
I want to fill some of the areas with different greens and grasses and river rocks etc
visual but simple and MAYBE add a few 3D like aloe etc along my dotted lines.
Will they be visible once I try to render or will they “spoil” the grounds?
I will be “trying” yes that’s the word in Lumion where I only have made so far ONE rendering
mixed with photoshop backdrop
I dare ask what “other” issues do I have or not have in what you have seen that I could or should
remedy before going further,
Still have a really hard time with road patterns, center lines etc… I think I may just paint it in with PS
I am in my 60s and self taught from scratch beside one six months course two years ago
where I went back to school. So happy thank you. Was trying since 4am this morning
been at file 50 to make sure I not loose what happened before

Sounds exciting. Please post your results!

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I will try when it’s presentable. Thanks for the thumbs up!

I have not used Lumion, but in answer to question above, renderers I’ve used don’t show SketchUp edges anyway (some have a way to overlay them on the rendering)

Do you think by using push pull of each pattern only a few cm this may resolve the issue. Because if its a volume it must remain there I can then hide it with plants anyway. Thanks for your input

I am afraid I don’t know what you are trying to achieve. Which issue are you speaking of? And what do you want to hide with the plants?

If you want to push-pull the terrain faces, I think it will not work well and will probably be a mess. You might use joint push pull plugin on each surface. If you are just trying to demonstrate the spaces, I think your idea of coloring the separate surfaces could be much easier and work OK. Easy to run a test render and see if it is what you want. But I also don’t know what sort of image you are after.

Hello. I am sorry with my English. It’s so often difficult to find the right words when you don’t know what exact word to use to explain an issue.
I just wanted to have guide lines on the ground to “paint plants with Lumion” along these lines
instead of putting tons of plants with SU.
I don’t know who to extract the " now draped pattern on the ground" I Re-draped

it on a the square that is under the model by turning it into a mesh. I did not know who to drape it only one one plane
Now that I have the mesh I don’t know how to delete the mesh that holds now the draped pattern in a horizontal form from where I could push and pull and make all the lines into permanent planters following my original pattern but coming out of the ground NOT one horizontal pattern or adjacent horizontal patterns. I wanted it to be permanent planters that have a top line that follows the grounds ± 1 foot off the ground .
Thanks for your consideration and time

I’ve thought about your scheme some and it seems very complex. It appears the tops of the walls are level but that they follow the terrain in linear direction. I don’t know if I have a good way to approach it myself!

Hello Here is a screen shot of the pattern I draped from horizontal onto my grounds
As I found out that they don’t show. I was lost as I wanted to use them as shown in my last picture.
So I wanted to “re drape” the newly amended correct shapes to a plane at the bottom of the entire model
but had to find out unless it’s a mesh I can’t drape onto it.
So I added a mesh to that plane and draped the amended shapes onto the horizontal mesh
so I I could use Push and Pull and then cut off all the shapes (planters) about one foot above ground
as shown in the previous quick sketch they would hold electricity for LED lights and underground water supply.
NOW I am stuck again as I did not manage or am just stupid but I couldn’t find out how to make the mesh
on the plane dispensary at the push of a command
So I started deleting it one by one but it is cumbersome and time consuming/ frustrating
I guess it’s my problem and I don’t know how to ask the proper question on YouTube

to get the right answer.
Maybe someone here has the answer Thank you.

Like I said. I think I can understand your sketch, but a good approach is beyond me.

But if I were you, I would definitely experiment with the simplest and smallest (not tiny!) piece first instead of making attempts with your whole model. Once I knew the method, I’d also consider that copies of identical parts (even mirrored parts) need to be done only once. You can use components to have multiple instances.