Can't see lines on my object - with pictures


I have a problem that must simple to fix but somehow I can’t find the solution. I have a shape in a file that wont show its lines, so I made a brand new file and with the same shape, and there are all the lines. I can’t figure out how to see them again in my first file, copying and making every thing again in a new file is not an option.

I tried to change the the style and unhide everything… nothing worked.

Thank you for the help.

Upload the file so we can see what you have going on. I’m sure it isn’t a bug.

You added the keyword ‘render’. Is the image on the right out of some rendering application? If so, which one?

Trying to strip the scene for you I found the problem, somehow the lines were on another layer.

Sorry about that and thanks for the help!

All edges and faces should have Layer 0 assigned to them. You should only assign other layers to groups and components.

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Yeah indeed, no idea how it happened.

There are three common ways it can happen:

  • the user set a layer/tag active
  • the user associated a tag with a group or component and later exploded that component. This causes the newly ungrouped geometry to use the tag from the exploded container. It has long been controversial whether this is correct behavior or a bad design.
  • the geometry was imported from a source that uses layers differently than SketchUp

Most likely the second option. I do exploded and remake component quite often.

Why do you feel you need to do that, rather than just edit the component (double click, or right-click and choose Edit Component from the context menu)?

Because when very often when I import objects from the 3d warehouse there are many nested components and that doesnt work with what I do or the changes I want to make. Most of the time its because I want to merge components or start fresh from an absurd amount of layers of nested components.

You could make it a routine to follow exploding by using a plugin to set all edges and faces to Layer0 or Untagged, then.

I find it saves a lot of work by first loading warehouse files into a separate empty SketchUp model rather than my main model. I usually strip layers, and often textures and groups before using it. You often find that components are not used correctly for SketchUp as well, and you can rework the model before sullying your project with it.

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