Can't render section

I have a scene of my model with a section but it renders as a whole. Any idea why the section isn’t working while rendering?

What render software are you using? Giving that information could help certain folk give you experienced information.

The last time I saw a problem like this, the user ended up having to “move” the section into the model a little to make it show in the render.

That was with Twilight Render. Also a “render section” option had to be checked too. Your case might be different.

Thanks for your quick response! I’m rendering with Vray, I tried placing a different section plane in a different view, zooming out a lot and it just render the entire thing, disregarding the section plane. Is there a “render section” button in Vray?

I have no knowledge of VRay, maybe someone will chime in with some ideas…

Try to move the section after the initial placement in the meantime.

I don’t use Vray, either, but a quick search of the forum turned up this:

Maybe it will help.

I guess you are using vray older version, the last version is vray 3.6 and it can render sections… If you are using vray 3.4, you can use vray mesh clipper option instead of section planes… If you are using vray 2.0, you have to cut your model with zorro plugin, after backup your work… I have tutorials about vray 2.0 and vray 3.4 section rendering on my youtube channel…

Also check to make sure that your section cut is both active and turned on in the VRAY Objects section of the Asset Editor.

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