Can't remove feint grey lines on textures

Hoping there’s a simple solution to this. I have a wood texture that when applied, a faint grey line appears at the pattern repeat vertically. I’ve taken the image into Photoshop to try and remove anything around the border and there’s nothing there, the image runs clean to all edges. Would love any ideas, scaling the image will not solve the problem, I want to maintain the scale as it is.

Does that line appear in Photoshop > Filter > Other > Offset > Horizontal/Vertical (not 0 value) ?
It doesn’t look like it, but in Sketchup, is that one-piece board or is it possible to contain an inner face?

Thank you for the reply- I checked Photoshop and no, the line does not appear when I check via Offset. I also do not believe there is an inner face. I have attached the skp file for the textures if you have a moment to take a look. I’m using the third one from the left on the top row.

Thank you!

textures_wood.skp (5.2 MB)

If you check the texture with ‘offset’ you should see that lighter edge is visible.



You can see the light edge in Preview as well.


If you crop the image by a couple of pixels it will edit out the light edges.

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Apologies, I should have mentioned I had already removed those when I initially edited in Photoshop the first time. I was confident that would fix the problem and was confused when it didn’t.

Another option would be to, if you want to avoid going back into PS, is to carve out an area inside of the edges and make it a unique texture like the .gif below.


I’m confident because I removed it from your image and it fixed the issue. Try again and make sure you update the texture with the edited image.

Thanks for the help everyone. I removed the texture, purged, renamed the texture to be safe and reuploaded. The problem is no longer there. I appreciate all the help and learned some new tips along the way.


FWIW I opened each of your materials in my default image editor from SketchUp and cropped each one of them by about 3 pixels in each direction andthen saved them. It’s unfortunate that they cover such small areas and aren’t seamless.


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Use seamless textures from the internet or edit the textures in photoshop

Or since seamless doesn’t reflect the way real wood is, use photos of real boards. A few of the wood textures from about 25 species in my collection. The shortest of these is about 6 feet long. In each species there is between 3 and 8 textures from a log.

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