Cant Open sketchup file

Hye alls,
I have problem with my sketchup file.
I can’t opened my skecthup file in format .skp also .skb

Error message is : 1. unexpected file format.
: 2. This does not appear to be a
sketchup model.

So, what should i do? It is that file is corrupted?or i have another way to get back my file. Really need help.

Thanks guys

Try renaming the SKB to SKP and see if you can open it.

Please complete the IT questions in your profile with the real graphics card information and the SketchUp version you are using.

Already try to renaming that file from SKB to SKP,
Still cant opened.

Im using sketchup make 2016 user

Probably best to share your file. Otherwise, we are guessing, at best.


here is the file,

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