Can't open imported STL file

Hi there, I am trying to import an stl into Sketchup in order to scale it down and send it for 3D printing. I installed the extension -STL Import & Export- as well as -SimLab STL Importer- successfully. However when it comes down to import it, the file just does not open in Sketchup.

The stl file is 21.8 MB

Any ideas on how to solve this ?


What does it do? Does it give you an error message? How long are you waiting. There’ll be a lot of edges to display with a 21.8 Meg STL file. Maybe you need to give it some time.

You profile says you have v2018…
With this version STL import and export are built-in to SketchUp’s File menu as options in the file-browser dialogs.
You would not normally expect to have to use third-party extensions with STIL import/export in v2018…

it just stays as the initial Sketchup window, only the ‘person model’ which appears always at the beginning of sketchup is gone…

sure, but how does that matter ?

What happens if you hit ‘Zoom Extends’?
[*] + [Z]

It matters in so far as you are making life more complicated for yourself than it needs to be.
Have you tried the native STL importer ?
Why did you get a third-party tool ?

As Mike said, it may be that it imported the STL - perhaps at an enormous size - perhaps you mis-set the units ?
And the model zoom is now so great it is broken, so that nothing is visible…
Try using Edit > Select All and see what’s reported in Entity Info.
If more that the original template’s ‘human-figure’ is listed then reconsider redoing it in a new empty model, this time checking that the units are correct - e.g. if it’s in mm and you chose m it’s then x1000 bigger that it should be - and therefore perhaps many km across - which will break SketchUp’s zoom etc.

OR… It could be extremely small… Is it sitting down at the origin, below Stacy?

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