Can't offset LH side of hexagon

I have to make an outer wall over my 40’ left hand wall. So, I’m trying to offset the edge of my inner wall 4". It does not work.

How do I offset my left hand edge 4"?

Peter Enns
Can't offset left side
LH Hexagon Jan 11 1 pm~.skp (261.9 KB)

You have to make sure you enter the context of the wall you want to Offset.

Also, before you go any further make sure you don’t have loose geometry.

Peter you keep coming back with new posts on basically the same issues.
You mentioned earlier that you are working with an architect, this suggest to me you are wanting to make money from doing this and that it isn’t just a hobby.
If that is the case I would suggest you need to get one on one tutoring, someone to look over your shoulder and say, No not like that, do this… until you fully grasp the fundamentals. Without that you will continue to go around in circles making the same errors.


A personal tutor is a great idea, obviously the courses you completed haven’t given you the knowledge to make a model by yourself, a personal teacher will be able to lead you in the right direction and make you understand how the program works, since you have some knowledge, it won’t take a lot of lessons to get you on the right path to success. it would be a very good investment.

How do I find a personal tutor & how much would it cost?

Peter Enns

I would start by doing a google search for something like, Sketchup tutor near me, and have a look what it comes up with. You’ll get a variety of options there to selectively pick and choose from.
You could check your local Community center, they may offer a class.
Is there a maker space nearby, you could join that and perhaps meet someone there that could give you some tuition.
You could ask in the Commercial and Collaborative section of the forum, if you mention where abouts you are on the globe someone local may offer assistance. I have helped a variety of people locally for free over the years. But be wary of spam replies if you do post there.

As for cost, how long is a piece of string?
It depends who you choose and how long you need them.
You may only need a few slaps on the head for it all to become clear, which I think is most likely, or you may find you want to carry on with them indefinitely.

I have often found that sometimes people like to work in a group and have specific times set aside in their life for a particular hobby or sideline. I have taught a variety of things over the years to many people and anything remotely crafty tends to turn into an ongoing ‘class’ full of people that don’t really need to be there but they have made my classes their community time and space, a specific time when they concentrate on this one thing with like minded people.
I mention this mainly with regard to joining a makerspace or similar, (we have ‘Mens Sheds’ here) which could help you with advancing with sketchup while also providing other related interests.


We have this page, that I think is not well maintained, but hopefully some on the list are still doing training. DaveR is on the list, and I know he has done training over Zoom before. Anyway, for what it’s worth: