Can't notch out

I’m making a cupboard to fit inside a living room alcove. I notched out the left side 9mm using push pull tool but for some reason, it won’t notch out on the right side as the material still shows. I’m sure it’s a basic fix but I haven’t used Sketchup for a while and need some help again.

How do I attach the sketchup file?

Just drag and drop into a reply.

Sounds like you may be drawing your notch outside the context of a group or component.

Living room alcove cupboard.skp (101.6 KB)

Thanks I went back and looked at an old answer but thanks for the reply.

As I guessed, your geometry is outside the component.
GIF 28-08-2022 7-51-01 PM
Yo should really be copying the other side across and flipping it, this way both the same.


Sorry for the delay. I’ve been on holiday.