Can't measure room size

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I’m new to sketchup and to this forum. I’m currently working on my house plan but it seems that sketchup don’t recognise the different rooms in the plan resulting that I can’t measure the area of the house / rooms.
Most of the plan as a grey area except a few rooms that are white which I can measure.
How can I sort this out?

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You need faces in order to get areas. You don’t have faces. This could be for any of several reasons. How did you get the floor plan into SketchUp? Did you draw it by hand or import a file? If you upload the file we can look at it and determine where the problem is.

Hi @DaveR

Thanks for the reply. I actually based my plan on an existing picutre and simply draw over it.
Sure here is the planHouse 1.skp|attachment (2.1 MB)

You’ll need to fill in the faces to form the floors. You can draw lines across from corner to corner to get the faces to fill. Erase those edges afterward.

It looks like you started with a large surface to draw on. When you completed loops of edges, they would automatically separate the large face into the smaller ones.

It’s exciting to add things like furniture to your model but you should wait to do that until you have the walls and floors finished.

Hi @DaveR

Thanks for the feedback. Does it means that all my corners are not connect and this is the reason why it don’t recognise it as a face?
Just tried to draw line linking every corners on a bedroom for exemple but it seems it doesn’t work. Or maybe I understand it wrong :slight_smile:

There are many small errors in your model. For example, notice the small gap at the left and the weird corner at the right in the screenshot below. I suggest you zoom in closely to examine the borders of the various rooms that aren’t forming faces and look for these kinds of issues.

In addition, your model shows that you need to read up more about SketchUp’s Layers, as you aren’t using them safely. SketchUp’s layers only control visibility and coloring, they do not isolate or separate edges and faces from each other. Edges and faces that are hidden or associated with non-visible layers will still interact with visible edges and faces, typically causing very confusing effects! So, all edges and faces should be drawn and left associated with Layer0. Create Groups or Components and associate them with other Layers if you need to simultaneously isolate edges and faces and control visibility.

Hi @slbaumgartner

Ok noted thanks. I will zoom in on the whole plan and correct all these mistakes> I will also remove all furnitures and opening in a 1st time.

Thanks again.

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