Can't make non-rectangular shape transparent

Hexagon C 2.skp (221.1 KB)
I have no trouble at all using low opacity green to make the rectangular window transparent. However, the oddball shape to the left of that rectangle will not become transparent for me.

I’ve tried for over an hour with 2 different hexagons.

What am I doing wrong?

Peter Enns

Typical of your models, the non-rectangular face is placed in front of the white hexagon, it is n’t dividing the hexagonal face.

It is actually transparent. If you had drawn it ON the hexagonal face so the perimeter divided the surface into innner and outer regions, you would be able to see through as you can with the rectangle.

This has been a repeated problem in your models. Go back to the myriad previous threads you’ve started. Numerous folks have tried to help you get this sorted out.

Simply moving the green face so its on the white face will solve it.