Can't import Google Map into Sketch Up Model


Hi everyone,

I cant seem to import a Google Map into my model.

Followed all the relevant instructions but when I choose grab it doesn’t work.

I’m currently running on the trial version, is this feature limited until you get the license.



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No, it is not a Pro-only feature or issue, it should be available and working in SketchUp Pro and Make.

With that phrase you left the most important fact unknown (what is happening when you click “grab”). Can you describe a bit more, does SketchUp leave the dialog open just as you didn’t click “grab”, or does it complete the action and close the dialog but without that the map appears in the model?

What operating system (Windows #/OS X #.#) with what browser version (Internet Explorer #/Safari #) do you use?


Hi, thanks the reply,

As you stated in your post, when I click grab the dialogue box stays open as if I didn’t click it and doesn’t import into my model.




Hi @mickost123, what version of SketchUp are you using and what operating system do you have?


I am having the same problem with Pro 2015. When I click on ‘Grab’ the window just hangs. Doesn’t seem to be processing. I notice that on an earlier post about this problem someone mentioned that Flash might be the culprit?


if Windows: open the MS Internet Explorer (not Chrome, not Firefox, not Opera) and delete the cache as well as the cookies.


Deleting cache and cookies doesn’t seem to help unfortunately.


am not sure if JavaScript is involved on the system browser side… if disabled enable.


Java is enabled on the system browser and IE.


First: Why can’t you import Google Map into SketchUp Model? What happend / what did you observe to come to that conclusion? The description of a problem is the way to its solution.

SketchUp does not use Java (Sun/Oracle Java, OpenJDK etc.) but something else, JavaScript. If you are in doubt, you can check again in your browser’s settings and make sure JavaScript is enabled (and you can disable Java if you like).

Your problem sounds similar like this Problem Geolocating Model