Can't import google map into sketch up!

Hi I’ve been trying to import a google map model from my site in Barranquilla, Colombia, but after clicking GRAB on the area that i want I keep getting the error message that says:

Add location failed tu to an internal error (import snapshot).

If this problem occurs again, please consult the Sketchup Knowledge Center for assistance.

What should I do? Any suggestions are highly appreciated and thanks in advance!

I’m using sketch up pro on a mac.

What version of Mac, and what version of SketchUp? Sophie’s in the picture, so I’m guessing 2014. If it’s Safari 5 or 6, know that Google doesn’t support those versions of Safari anymore with Maps API.

Weird… if I go to your spot, I can’t. I moved over a bit, it works. We’re looking at it.

I got it to crash 2x on that location in 2014 on PC, then suddenly it got better. :-/. So I saved a version to Geo-located-for-forum thread | 3D Warehouse. We’ll keep looking at why the Mac wont grab the data.