Can't get Mozaik to reccognize Sketchup?

I have sketchup 2023 loaded and it seems to work fine however when I try to render a drawing in Mozaik it doesn’t recognize that I even have Sketchup installed? It gives me a error message about not being compatible wiht v8 even though I’m running 2023? When I run the Sketchup fix feature it says it cannot detect Sketchup at all. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s the first time I hear about Mozaik but my guess is that it’s not compatible with sketchup 2023.

Edit: I just checked about Mozaic. It’s not a rendering engine, it’s a software for CNC, they have a link to ArielVision renderer which belongs to RenderPlus, there they have two engines inxtRender and ArielVision, Do you have either of those engines or the Mozaic CNC software can’t link to sketchup?

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