Can't find autosaved file on chromebook

I lost an unnamed file that was autosaved. Can’t find it in trimble connect and the instructions I’ve found for locating it in Drive don’t seem to work on my Chromebook either. Can anyone help?

Auto saved files would be in your Trimble Connect storage, not on your Chromebook.

They’re not there. Does that mean they’ve somehow disappeared forever?

Make sure you have signed in with the same e-mail address you used when you created the model. In nearly every case where a SketchUp Free user has reported that their files were missing, it turned out they were using the wrong e-mail address.

Somebody with your name has a email address. Is that address yours as well?

No, it isn’t. I have two email addresses and only one is associated with my trimble account. It’s not possible to have two accounts with the same email but different user name, is it? I ask because when I go to password manager in google, it lists two trimble accounts, but they both have the same email address (my gmail one) and the same password.

No, the account is only tied to the email address. For the Google password manager to see two entries, it is seeing them as two different sign in systems, or two different email addresses. One Trimble sign in should work everywhere, so I’m not sure why there are two entries.

If you vary the number of dots in your email address that could make a difference. Google don’t mind if you use natasha.j.anderson, natashaj.anderson, or natashajanderson, but they would be seen as different Trimble IDs.

I will ask colleagues to look to see if you have more than one account. If there might be any variation in your user name, what other variations should we look for?

Thanks for your help. The only thing I can think of would be some mis-typed variation of my name. My other email address is However, I tried using that and Trimble didn’t recognize it.

I checked your normal email account, and that has been around since July last year. If the models you’re now not finding were made since July, then they are likely to be under the new account.

What models do you see if you sign into this page:

If accounts are only tied to email addresses, then the only way there could be another account is if it was an older one, created using the yahoo address. That is an old address that I don’t really use anymore.

The link you provided takes me to the account I’ve been searching in. The unnamed file isn’t in it, unless unnamed files are listed in a way that I don’t know about. The file I’m looking for wasn’t saved manually by me, just through autosave, which I have set for every 5 minutes.