Can't edit textures in 2015 on a Mac with Yosemite


In Sketchup 8 I use to select a texture, edit it in preview and when I saved it it changed right there in the model.

In 2015 when I select a texture to edit I get a failed to load message, and sometimes when it does open I have to save a copy so the texture doesn’t change in the model. I have to reapply the texture or use the replace texture extension. This doesn’t work on a model with any degree of complexity as the textures don’t fit properly. Are there any solutions and is Sketchup working to fix this bug?


Editing Texture images

Hmmm…you’re right. Painful. We’ll see what we can do.


it’s not a bug that Apple changed how ‘Preview’ works…

if you enter this in SU’s ‘Ruby Console’ and it will open the folder where SU holds the file…

`open "#{File.join(ENV["TMPDIR"], ("com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015.") + ENV["LOGNAME"])}"`

Add that Folder to the ‘Finder’ Sidebar…

when your editing in ‘Preview do a File/Save As’ by pessing ‘Alt’ when ‘File’ menu is open…

Navigate to the ‘Finder’ Sidebar and selectthe Tmp folder >> click on the image [ to match it’s name], then ‘Save’…

Back in SU your Material will Update…



Yea, but it works in 8. I consider it a regression bug on our part if 8 works and 2015 doesn’t.



I just checked v8, and it fails there as well [Yosemite]…

it’s ‘Preview’ not SU, but I think if the temp file was in ‘private/tmp’ it would save…



Thanks for your reply

I can’t save to the private/tmp file because I can’t find it


Thanks. Perhaps a ruby console patch based on whatever v8 was doing right.


Mine did not fail on v8. /tmp is a link to /private/tmp, and a directory with the sticky bit set.