Can't edit layers

Make 17, Mac OS 10.10.5.
My keyboard shortcut for toggling dialogs stopped working, Window drop-down actions ineffective.
After a restart, got the toggling functionality back, but now the layers panel is missing the section where you assign, name and otherwise edit said layers.
Both behaviours are new to me.

Try clicking the little + in the upper right corner of the Layers window.

Forgot, or failed to realize, that entity info was a distinct pane, which I’d toggled off when playing with the “switches”.
Sorry and thanks.

Ahhh… That’s different than:

It is…
The no-access-to-toggle event must’ve rattled me. I often have keyboard shortcut disappearances after restarting from bugsplats, but the non-effective actions from the Window drop-down are a more recent occurrence.

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