Can't draw with the Line tool on existing component

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Sketchup Web App on my Asus Chromebook Flip C434. It has been a month I was working on a Tiny House model, following several begginers tutorials.

Everything was working well until I tried to model a new house and realised I cannot draw anything on the component I’ve created. Let me try to be clear with the issue, I have a component which is just the floor structure, and I want with the Line tool to draw the shape of my component to create a new component which will cover the surface like a rain cap to put on the existing floor structure.

The first model I did, I was able to draw it so it was quick and easy, but now it is like when I click and release the Line tool it does not stay and I can’t draw the shape.

Is there anyone who would be able to help me out with this ? I’m quite sure it is some basic rules I don’t respect but I can’t figure it out by myself and it is driving me crazy.

Thanks everyone,

It’s very hard to guess what is happening from your description. Could you attach the model as far as you have got for us to look at. Or some screenshots or video grab.
Any chance you have turned off edges, so they simply aren’t visible?

Plan #2.skp (4.4 MB)
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I’ve uploaded the model I’m talking about.
The Edges seems to be on.
Let me know if you have any solution.

Thank you !

Ok I have the model, I don’t immediately see any issues.
What are you trying to do and ow is it failing?

You do have several edges that you may have drawn outside the correct context.

Could it be that you are not seeing the new edges because they are loose in the model but exactly atop existing ones in the existing group/component? Try turning off visibility of the Remorque 6m and Sol layers and see if that reveals what seemed to be missing:


I have no clue why it is working right now.

Please find below what I wanted to do.

Do you have any idea why it was not working ?

I’m gonna say the most obvious answer is one of your ‘lines’ snapped to the wrong endpoint.
Easiest way to draw what you show there is three rectangles and two lines erased.

Box, thank you very much for your advices, I would have never thought I could do it that way. It is way easier.
I’ll try to keep that kind of mindset for the next steps.
Thanks for spending time helping, really appreciated.

See you!

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I had a similar problem. Couldn’t draw anything anywhere unless I drilled down into an existing entity/component. Tried everything, messed with all of the settings I could think of, no dice. Maddening!

What finally worked, for no reason I can comprehend, was when I switched to a different ‘Scene’ on the scene selector (I’d already had a bunch of scenes setup.) Once I did that, everything worked like normal. Super weird. And, by the way, this wasn’t just for one file, it was for every file.

Super glad it’s working normally now though! Hope this helps someone.