The wrong lines

Hi. When you use the line tool on objects, it’s supposed to create lines that are integrated in the object, and those lines are supposed to be a part of the surface. However, I find that very often when I try to draw lines on an object, they create a new surface on top of the object, instead of as part of the object surface. How do I make this distinction? How do I tell Sketchup that it has to create those lines as part of the object I’m working on? This is of fundamental importance, as I’m shaping the object with the help of the lines I’m drawing, pushing and pulling the surfaces into their proper intended places.

This used to be no problem. I drew an object, drew lines on the object, and manipulated the object however I wanted. But now, more and more consistently, Sketchup treats me drawing lines on an object as separate surfaces appearing on top of the object, but not as part of it.

What gives?

Thanks for the help.

Sounds like you are trying to draw on the outside of groups or components.
Could you attach a model that shows the problem.

Yes, it’s a component. Is that a problem? It doesn’t always react like this, just sometimes. Sometimes I just have to try a few times to get it right, but right now it treats all of my trials the way I don’t want.

You need to open it for editing.
Double click or right click and choose Edit Component.

I know about this distinction. The problem persists in component editing mode.

Without seeing it or seeing what you are doing it is impossible to give you a good answer.

Component_6.skp (48.0 KB)


I can see that it’s no longer a component when I open this separately saved object. But that’s easily fixed by rightclicking and making it a component. However, this is as far as my knowledge goes.

I’m not finding any issues with the geometry.
Could it be that you are getting caught on some of the many guidelines rather than on the surface?

The guidelines are part of the component, if that’s what you mean?

What I mean is, when you are having a problem, could it be that your edge has snapped to a guide that is not on the surface.

Ah. No. It happens both when I use guides, and when I don’t, that is, put lines on random places on the surface of the object.

And I’m aware that guides need to be accurate and exactly on the surface I want to work with, in order to get the wanted result.

If the lines don’t join up to enclose a space they will remain as stray edges.

Sometimes they remain stray edges even though I close them up by making a triangle or rectangle.

I have to go cook dinner now, perhaps you can take the time to get a screen grab so we can see what you are doing.

Yeah. I’ll do that.

I just drew the two smaller rectangles. Note that there’s a difference in thickness of the edges. However, this thickness is not consistently present, even though I’m having problems. Sometimes the trouble is still there with a thinlined rectangle, but the thicklined ones seem to be the least cooperative.

Here’s what happens to the various rectangles when I push and pull around and on them.

The thicklined one doesn’t even want to have anything to do with the surrounding surface at all. It just happens to be proximate, and does not care about what the rest of the lines and surfaces are doing.

The thinlined one, on the other hand, is connected to the rest of the surface, as you can see. It creates a rectangular incision when pushed into the surface, and the surface is pulled out. But I both drew them the exact same way, using the same mouse tool, and one right after the other.

So I really don’t understand why they should behave so completely differently, because I made them the exact same way, just on slightly different places on the same object.

I guess the thick lines mean that these are the outer edges of a shape, but I have no clue why it chooses to make a new shape on top of the other, instead of being lines integrated in the first object.

So I’m very confused and handicapped by this. Thing is, I don’t even think this makes sense. How often when you draw lines a surface do you want them to become a new object on top of the other one? My guess i very rarely, and so it would make sense to me that Sketchup would only allow this event if you were holding some key in simultaneously, to really mark this as a special event.

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