Can't download live components

I’m trying to download some live components but it say " You have found a place Trimble hasn’t been to … yet." Does anyone have a solution for this situation?

Perhaps an image would help?
Also, “sktchup pro” isn’t an operating system,

and you say you have SketchUp Make but also Pro,

which confuses me

and SketchUp doesn’t have a SketchUp Make 2021, they discontinued it in 2017.

Apparently there’s a server fault, at least in Europe.

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Can you correct your profile please.

Which version of SU are you using? You say Sketchup Make, in one place, then Sketchup Pro as your operating system. The operating system will be Windows or Mac, and it’s helpful to know the version of it too.

And there isn’t a Make 2021 - 2017 was the last version of Make.