Can't disconnect SketchUp for Schools from Google Drive


In Google Drive. We are going to Settings - Manage Apps. We click on options for Sketchup for Schools and the only option is View Product Page. An option that should be there is Disconnect from Drive. All the apps I’ve ever connected to my Google Drive account include the option to Disconnect from Drive. Why is this option missing? How can I disconnect Sketchup for Schools from out Google Drive accounts?


Can someone else just confirm that that also can not disconnect sketchup for schools from their Google Drive account?


The only (online) storage that SketchUp for Schools has is Google Drive.
A guess would be that you cannot have this app installed without permission to store files somewhere. So instead of looking in Google Drive Apps, have you checked whether you can remove the app in Marketplace Apps?



Are you the domain administrator for you school’s account? If so, please try deleting SketchUp for Schools from the Apps tab in Admin settings. As @Aerilius stated above, if SketchUp for Schools is deployed throughout your school, the app requires permission to save models to Google Drive. Therefore, the option to remove SketchUp from your Drive is not possible while the app is deployed.



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