Can't create surface from lines


I drew already some lines and want to create a surface on it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the “outer shell” tool. Can somebody assist please?

I marked the lines I want to give a surface.

Herer is the zipped model: (1.2 MB)


This is fundamental geometry. In order to get a face, all bounding edges must lie on the same plane. From your screenshot it is clear those edges don’t. You can either move the edges until they are on the same plane or you can draw a diagonal to triangulate the area and get two faces. More basic geometry: three line segments connected to form a triangle will always lie on the same plane.


got it. thx for the quick answer.


Also, the far edge isn’t straight!



thx slbaumgartner, but I bet you’ll find a lot more of these errors. But for the goal of the project it is not that important.


FYI: The Outer Shell tool does not work with lines, only with solid groups and components. It is almost identical with the Union tool (in the Pro version).
You can try the Sandbox from Contours tool to put a surface between a bunch of edges but that doesn’t work with vertical surfaces.