Can't access statistics on 3D Warehouse

For some reason, I’m unable to access the statistics for the models I’ve uploaded to the 3DWarehouse. Instead of the three dots that let me access the stats, I get a flag for reporting abuse. I tried clearing my cache, logging out and logging in, accessing the 3DW from within SketchUp rather than from a bookmark on my browser.Nothing seems to work. Any advice?

Are you referring to the 3 dots next as indicated below?

Yep. Those are the dots in question.

That’s odd. I wonder if @psaal has any thoughts.

I sent a message to Peter. And I wonder whether my subscribing to SU Shop has anything to do with this problem.

The Subscription to Shop shouldn’t have anything to do with it assuming you are using the same login information you were using with the Warehouse previously.

I hate it when evil spirits creep into the clutch housing.

(That’s a riff on the caption to one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons, by George Booth. It shows a guy at an auto-repair shop. The head mechanic says to him, “There’s an evil spirit in your clutch housing. The boys have called in a priest.”)

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Yeah. It’s evil spirits for sure. :smiley:

Hey @davidheim1 I’m digging into this for you. Do you mind posting a screenshot of what you’re seeing as well as verifying that you’re logged into the account that owns this model. Thanks!

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Thanks for your help. I’ve attached a screen shot of one of my models. FWIW, the problem with the 3DWarehouse cropped up after I subscribed to SketchUp Shop. Coincidence?
Let me know if you need anything further from me.

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D-Oh! Here’s the screen shot. Sorry.

David, it’s strange that there’s a Contact link under your name in the white box. It’s as if you are signed in as a different user. Notice also that the user name in the far upper right is two words while in the white box it’s one word and the picture is different.

When I go to mine I get the same avatar and user name and no “Contact” link.

The way this should currently function is that if you don’t own the thing you’re viewing you can’t access that kebab menu. My suspicion is also that you aren’t logged in as the correct account.

OK, so what do I need to do to get my 3DWarehouse account info to match the info for SketchUp shop? The email address is the same in both places. Only the user name might be different.

Hey David! This is Guz. I’m looking into this now. Anything that is 3D Warehouse related can go to me since I support @psaal. I’ll reach out to you shortly.

Ok, I gave it a look.
When you see only the “Flag” icon it means you are looking at the model details for someone else’s model. Which does lend credence to the speculation that you are not signed into 3D Warehouse with your original credentials. So, is it possible that you’ve activated SketchUp Shop with an email address that is different from your r***********@ email address? You could try this, log out of SketchUp Shop. Go to 3D Warehouse, log out and log back in with your normally associated email address. See if you can pull analytics. If so, launch SketchUp Shop and see if it let’s you in with your entitlement. If not, we may have to talk to customer support to get these two services on the same email address.

If NONE of that works, let me know and we can take it a step further. Cheers!

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@colin chimed in with some more info. He suggested going into AMP (account management portal) and assigning the subscription to your r***********@ email address. The next time you log into SketchUp Shop with that address you will have access to both your entitlement AND your 3D Warehouse management console.
Guz (and Colin)

Note that when going into AMP, go in with your Comcast email, that’s the one that is the admin for the Shop subscription. At the moment, going with your other email will only show Free. After you have assigned Shop to that email, you will also see that Shop is assigned to that one.

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Dear Guz,
Tried the logout and login. Tried it again after I cleared my cache. Nothing worked. Here’s what I don’t understand: I have only one email address: It’s the email I used for the 3DWarehouse account as well as for SketchUp Shop. The only thing that’s different, as far as I can tell, is the username. It’s davidheim on the 3DW, David Heim on SU Shop. Or is there some other little account setup tidbit that I’m overlooking?
In any event, many thanks for your help. It’s much appreciated.

Hey David! I’ll message you the email address I see in 3D Warehouse. If you visit the AMP and log in with your comcast email address you can assign access to SketchUp Shop to the address I’m about to send you. It should work after that.