Can't Access Collections in 3DWH



I am unable to access the contents of any collection in the 3D warehouse directly from components browser. If I access a collection that contains other collections they show up, but any items don’t appear, and if I open a “nested” collection, it doesn’t show it’s contents either. I’m mostly interested in the “Bonus Packs” as mentioned in
But it’s just as perturbing that more recently created collections, like the “2015” variants of said bonus pack don’t work either.

Only if I open the collection by clicking on it’s “Name” like below does it show the contents in full.

I am using a Cellular Hotspot because the Wi-Fi is down at my place indefinitely, which may be a contributing factor, but wanted to get some additional opinions.


This is demonstrated here. Choose the primary library from the components browser…


Click on the Collection you want to open…


Finally, it shows NOTHING!


I noticed this issue today as well. Does anyone know if it will be fixed soon?



I’m sorry if I answer to that topic late, but I get exactly the same problem, and not only for 3D models in collections.
When I search for models in the Components windows, I only have a few results, and I have to open the 3D Warehouse window to have all the results of my search.

Are there other people encountering that problem ?


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