Parts of Collection Missing

The one Collection I created that meant the most to me, is missing content.

After changes to the 3DWH back in July, I began getting an error message, “Oops! An error has occurred,” whenever I would clik on the “Load More” button in a collection that contains 421 collections created by other users. At the time, I dismissed it, believing there was still work being done on the new Warehouse. However, the issue still exists today in two different browsers, whether signed in or not.

The collection now displays only 64 of the collections originally in that collection despite the fact that info on the page shows there should be 421 collections. Almost 85% missing or inaccessible. It appears it is the only one of my collections with an issue.

What could have happened? Any ideas? Are they all lost?

Maybe if you shared a few links those on the warehouse team could take a look

The content of your collection is still intact, but there is a loading bug that is not allowing you to access them beyond the 64 count with the Load More button. In the meantime, you should be able to search for them in your collection. Thanks for letting us know.


@TheOnlyAaron and @EricFrank - thanks to both of you for the responses. Hope this means it’s something that can be fixed. @EricFrank…I don’t think I could search for those collections since I don’t know the names of them. If they still exist, I can wait until the bug is fixed.

@TheOnlyAaron … a bit off topic, but - I enjoy your YT vids. Thanks… :ok_hand: :+1: