Sketchup Warehouse - Content not loading

A user informed us that they are not able to find certain collections and models on our warehouse page. My team discovered that the warehouse is not loading all of our content as we scroll down. I was able to do a search for the models she was looking for but technically speaking the user should be able to browse through our full product offering.

Anyone know if this is a bug?

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Kumaran K

Yes. This was reported earlier today and the team is working on it.

Thank you for the response Dave! Could you please let me know when the issue has been fixed?

I expect something will be posted the other thread when it is fixed.

Could you give us the link to the thread please?

It’s in my previous post.

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Hey @studiotk.sketchup, we’ve got a fix up on 3D Warehouse, let us know if the issue persists.