3D Warehouse troubles


since last Saturday 12/10/2019, when I open 3D warehouse and search for any component in collections, I cannot see the component, but a message over the image of the component saying:

“Content on this card is from verified provider. Search on the catalog tab for verified content. If you own this collection, consider converting it to a folder or removing the verified content.”

When I search on catalog tab, I cannot find anything related to what I was looking for. This happens with 80%-90% of the components in the collections.

What can I do? Thanks a million!


Just to add -this happens in 3D warehouse Component browser in my sketchup as well as in web dialog 3d warehouse

Can you tell us some of the searches you’re using to help us see what you’re seeing?

I can see this


I have the same problem. I can only see the contents if I change from collection to a folder.
I just want to understand why…

Thank you!

Good day! tell me, has the situation cleared up? why are models no longer available?

Nothing solve, still not available. But if you write the title and the creator of the model who is not available on the search bar, you can find it. So doesn’t make any sense…

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Hi! But it turned out to be very simple:you need to click not on the gray picture with a magnifying glass, but on the name of the model below, and then everything works!!! the site lets on a page with this model and gives it to download !Give it a try

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Thank you @bubuzec !! It works for me too! Thanks a million! You saved my renders and also made my day! :blush: