3D Warehouse - Unable to Download some/a lot of Models

Hi all,

A few days ago I started noticing a disclaimer on various models in the 3D Warehouse saying:

Content on this card is from a verified provider. Search on the catalog tab for verified content. If you own this collection, consider converting it to a folder or removing the verified content.

I am unable to download any of these models and clicking on them only refers me to the catalogs tab, where I can’t seem to find any of the models in question, not even by typing their exact name. I am unsure whether this is a bug or a feature that is meant to work like this and is here to stay.

Can anyone clarify what is going on?


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Hi Bogdan,

We are segmenting verified content with the goal of making it easier to find real-world products from verified sources. We’re in a transition and still have some work to do to make this easier for our users. Sorry about that.

In the meantime if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Catalogs tab, a search on Models should find the models you’re looking for.


Hi Peter,

What is your definition of a “verified source” ?
Do you mean 3D Warehouse Certified Content Developers?

Hi George,

A verified source is a manufacturer or authorized reseller of a real-world product.

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Hi Peter,

Some models that I would like to use have specific names that are easy to find if typed in, but others have generic names like ‘tufted couch’, ‘lounge chair’ etc., and are very difficult to find among other models with the same name. So, I am thrilled about the work being done on making real-world product models more easily available, but that shouldn’t hinder searches for more generic models. Sometimes it doesn’t matter to me if a model is of a real-world product, or just a generic one, because, for instance, in a certain phase of a project, they can act as placeholders for more exact modelling in the future. That being said, I agree that users should be made aware where the model is coming from, but I am satisfied with the current way things are, I am always aware if a model is from a verified manufacturer. Maybe if there is a real-world model inside of a collection that is not verified, users can be referred/redirected to verified collections where they can find the same model, and also be exposed to other products from the same source. Anyhow, it is encouraging to know that it is still a work in progress.

Thank you for the quick response!


Thanks for your feedback Bogdan. It really helps us to have constructive criticism like this.

Do you use the categories when you’re searching?

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Sometimes, but I am usually able to find what I’m searching for relatively quickly. It’s only when I start narrowing the search down to really specific or difficult to find models that I start looking at various filtering options.

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I opened this topic 2 days ago but none came back to me about it! I totally agree with Bogdan! Now, by the changes you made, we are unable to work the same way as we did before. Millions of great quality components are gone and this means lower quality of our models and renders as well!

What do you recommend for us? Can you, please, describe how the 3D warehouse will work after the changes and can you specify the day when it will work properly?

Many thanks for your quick response @psaal !

@psaal just to add - I am adding models and collections to my favourites (liked) for about 2 years and I am using sketchup on daily basis, so you can imagine how full my liked collections and models look like. Now I am unable to open most of them. It makes me totaly frustrated.

Hi Risova,

You can still see your liked models and collections by clicking on your avatar name, and also by clicking on the Liked Content in the list under your avatar.

If you have public collections that contain content from verified content providers (i.e. product manufacturers and distributors), those models will still be in your collection, but you must make it a private folder to access them.

Sorry for your frustration and I hope this helps answer your questions.

Hmm. Same here, sounds like added complexity, where we all need no more of.

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@psaal This actually defeats the “ease-of-use” that you speak of. Sure a little switch on the side that filters actual real-world products is easy enough and actually works really well on a search page.

But now, for people that rely on searching through very well put together collections, seeing 3/4 of the collection blacked out is an absolute nightmare. I’m not going to click on every card to see what’s under the grey transparency just because its a real world object or not. Searching on the warehouse just added hours on my workflow.

If it’s something you want separate in hundreds of already established collections, just have a little switch that separates everything. At the very least, make it so that we are able to see what’s on the card; move the note; make the note smaller; lighten up the black overlay. Otherwise you might as well delete them from everyone’s collections.

Thanks @Ryan We appreciate your feedback and are working on some improvements.

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