API to search and download 3D Warehouse models


I’m the developer of Sweet Home 3D, an open source interior design application available at http://www.sweethome3d.com. This application is able to import DAE and KMZ files (among other file formats) to let the user add 3D models of furniture found in the 3D Warehouse and elsewhere on the web.
To speed up the importation process, it would be great if the user could search and download directly some 3D Warehouse models from Sweet Home 3D user interface (of course with the appropriate copyrights mentions and links).
I could show 3D Warehouse web pages in a simplified web browser added to Sweet Home 3D import wizard, then detect on which links the user clicked to download the models he wants, but would that be legal?
I would really prefer searching and downloading models thanks to some official web services. Does this kind of API exist? Or is it in the works?

Thanks for your help and proposals