Integrate Warehouse using APIs

Hi Team

We are planning to do a pilot API integration of the 3D Warehouse.
Can you let us know if there are APIs which can be integrated from our application’s end?

Veda Prakash.


Unfortunately there does not (yet) exist a public API for 3D Warehouse (although often requested!).

  • You can definitely implement the workflow a human user would do manually: Let your application display a web browser view which loads the official 3D Warehouse website. Your users can manually select a model to download. Maybe you can intercept the download to load the model file directly into your application (or configure the web view’s download directory to a temporary directory).
  • There exists an internal JSON structure containing all data to achieve the task (model metadata and download links), but it could be changed at any time and it is not officially released for public usage. Its unauthorized usage could violate the data scraping section of the ToS 10.C.iv.
  • Best is to directly consult a representative of the 3D Warehouse team, maybe they can tell you how other third-party applications approached the integration of the service (@Barry , @psaal, @rchanley ?).

We’ll have someone contact you. Send me a private message with details.


Hi Barry
We are a VR startup building a 3D catalog management system and as a part of that, we are trying to do a POC to integrate SketchUp ware house through an API and do a system level integration.
This is the reason why I was writing in the forum.
Can you please guide us here.
Veda Prakash.

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