Can not see the content in 3d warehouse PROBLEM

Hello, I have a problem with searching items in 3dwharehouse. I am interior designer and
this issue is very important for me due to my profession. How can I search something, if
pictures are blurry and darkened with this text above them? What is the reason of such bad UI?

I think that it’s saying that the object in this collection is already an object in a collection made by the person who created the model. You can see clear versions of the model by going to the author’s collection:

That is inconvenient. My goal is to compare models in quick and effective way. Cliking every picture will take a lot of time.

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I’ve already started to skip darkened pictures.
This new feature is totally useless and looks like a mistake.

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Yeah, I hear your pain. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad models in the warehouse.

That’s not the point. I think the point is the card is from a verified provider, correct? If I go to you have to click on the name of the collection to see the content. The first one, with the yellow arrow above, is a copied model from Tumar Móveis, who’d like to have their official model of this coffee table presented, so people know it came from a verified provider rather than a copied model.

It would be nice to add complete collections (of verified developers) to your own folder(s)

It feels like you are mocking me!
Read again the topic please. The issue lies in wasting time and inconvinience of searching for a
specific model for design projects. This is how it looks for me, when I am looking for some piece of furnitureprocess

can you convert your collection to a (private) Folder?

There are millions of other tiles, furniture etc. I don’t understand how private collections
can help. Is there somebody from the sketchup team, who can explain me why they did this?
Everything worked fine for years, but now it is a complete mess.

Should I click on every darkened picture just to see a model? Look at other
sites with models - they look 2000% better.

if you convert it to a Private Folder, the ‘darkened picture’ should not be there…

ie. you get to keep your collections, but they will not be public for everyone, anymore…

Hi @Polina, we added these dark overlays to ask users who have collected models from verified content providers (manufacturers) to make the verified models private. This will help users find the actual real-world products on 3D Warehouse without having to sift through hundreds of duplicates.

We hear you (and others) and are working on some improvements to help make this more clear. In the long run this will provide a better connection between manufacturers and the design professionals who specify and purchase their products. In the short term, there will be some pain. Sorry about that.


Thank you for reply. I suggest marking verified items with green tick, and copied items with red marks.

I maked my collection private though, it helped with items I have collected before. But it still makes me struggle during searching process. Looking forward to a solution.

P.S. I’m sorry for my english, my native is russian.

Спасибо @Polina for your understanding and patience. Our goal is to make this a better experience for you and your feedback is very much appreciated. :smile: