Cannot see my model anymore


I need help. I cannot see my model anymore. The screen is completely green but I know my model is still out there. I have tried everything regarding moving the camera and zooming. Here is a link to my model.

Turning off Fog would help. You have Fog on and the sliders set to the left.
Screenshot - 12_5_2020 , 8_59_38 PM

When you are modeling work with the Camera set to Perspective, NOT Parallel Projection. Using Parallel Projection makes it easy to get the camera positioned badly.

Nouveau projet Jean-Maxime.skp (6.4 MB)

By the way, you should be correcting face orientation as you model. You have a lot of reversed faces exposed.

Wow thank you so very much!! And I’m gonna take a look at it!

There is also a stray arc at a huge distance from your model.


I would bet the arc is related to the parallel projection modeling…

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