Help, I lost my model and can't find it again

Hi there, so I am modeling an apartment, but my model is gone (I don’t know where it is)… all I see is a green screen, and I can’t seem to draw anything, not even a simple rectangular face, for example.

I might be asking too much, but can someone help me? I’ve uploaded the model here:

You were modeling with the Camera set to Parallel Projection and the camera ended up at a huge distance from the model. You also had fog turned on. You should be modeling with the camera set to Perspective and with Fog turned off.

I fixed the camera and turned off the fog. The model axes were incorrectly oriented with blue laying down on the ground plane.

I reset the axes.

Your model has a lot of reversed faces that should be corrected.

I also fixed the incorrect tag/layer usage.
Screenshot - 6_5_2021 , 7_54_03 PM

And I purged the unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 6_5_2021 , 7_54_22 PM

I’ll upload the file shortly.

Out of curiosity, is this your apartment?

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Wow, it looks great… thanks a lot!! I tried searching by ‘I lost my model’, went to Camera > ISO and zoomed in all I could, but to no avail… I had no idea of the fog option, and also the reversed faces

I never used SketchUp before, so I usually have no idea if I’m doing things correctly – but thanks a lot for the heads up!

About the apartment, it isn’t mine but a friend’s… she is moving in soon and wanted some ideas, so I’m modeling it some basic stuff, just so she can have a better picture on where the furniture can go, space, and so on

Here’s the file.

Nice of you to model it for her so she can get an idea.

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Thanks a lot again, DaveR! Another friend of mine recommended me SketchUp and one of the reasons were that it has a great community, and he was pretty much on point :wink: