Cannot save SKP file


Floor Plan 2D Feb 12~.skp (1.4 MB)

I’ve been working with SU for 5 months & never had this problem before. I am unable to save my SKP file.

Attached is the file I had several hours ago. Also attached is a screenshot of the latest thing I was doing – creating 16 components within a group.

The people from the help desk in the error message have not replied. I did not even get an acknowledgement email saying that they had received my message.

What should I do next? Any ideas on what went wrong?

Peter Enns

One of the later actions you did caused the geometry to be corrupted in a way that made the auto save fail. For the way it fails the only solution is to save the file to a pre-2021 format. Trouble then is that opening that file would quickly lead to the same error message.

Do you have a 2020 saved version that I can look at? It’s possible that I have more recent versions of SketchUp that can handle the problem better.

The one & only SketchUp version I’ve ever used is 2023. So, I do not have a 2020 version.

What I will do is start over & make a new file that I will save with every little change. Then I may find the exact action that caused the failure.
Peter Enns

When you saw the error message it suggested saving as a 2020 file. Did you save as a 2020 file at that time?

If you see the error again, do File/Save As, and choose 2020 from the version drop down list. That would be a useful file for me to look at. You probably want to give it a new name, so that you don’t overwrite your recent not yet corrupted version of the file.

@colin I’ve been getting this one a few times today working with an imported .dwg from the forum here, with distant geometry. I did eventually triumph over this particular dragon but it was very finicky and unpredictable. I narrowed it down to 3 small geometry elements, which are saved in this '20 file. This same file refused to save in '22.
Corrupted.skp (577.7 KB)

I started over with a blank screen, saving after every step. The screenshot you see here is similar to the one from my first post. The difference is that there is no error message.

I assume that some corruption creeped in from somewhere that had nothing to do with me. A programmer once told me that there is no such thing as a program without bugs. He calls it “job security”.

Peter Enns