Cannot re-size window SU15

I know this sounds bat-■■■■ crazy but my Sketchup Pro 15 64 bit will not let me re-size its window. I can use it full screen or nothing.This started happening after I loaded on a few new plugins Sherwin-Williams Color Maker, C-Line Tool, CB-Cline. I have eliminated these plugin files and restarted my machine.
Any thoughts

I’m not sure what’s going on here…

But you might try—if you haven’t already—The Reset Workspace button.

alternatively, what happens if you run SketchUp from a different user account on you computer?


Thank you.
I tried your suggestion with no luck, then I left clicked on the tool bar and clicked “Show windows stacked”. This reduced the size of the Sketchup window where I could grab the edges.At some point I must have enlarged the Sketchup window to its limits in re-size mode to the point of no return.
That said I beleive we can chalk this one up to operator error

Thanks you again


This is called a “Maximized” window. You cause this by clicking the maximize button at the top-right on the window’s caption bar. (Nestled in between the “Minimize” and “Close” buttons.)

So, when a window is maximized, it’s complimentary opposite command “Restore” is no longer grayed out and can be used to restore the window to it previous size and position.

And yes, these sizing commands also appear on the “Window” menu that pops up if you right-click the caption bar.)

This is basic window use 101, that is (I think if memory serves,) in the first few minutes of the Windows Getting Started tutorial, that was installed on every Windows machine (up through XP at least.) It used to be at the top level of the Start Menu, but by version 7 has moved to the “Learn about Windows Basics” item of the “Help and Support” portal, and is now a series of local web pages. (Users should usually be able to access Windows “Help and Support” from the Start Menu.*)

I don’t know why, but I could never get {two family members} to watch this great tutorial, even though they’ve had computers since Win 95 (or before,) and are up to using Windows 8 machines. They’d just rather ask me how to do some window sizing or control list selecting, etc, rather than watch the free tutorial, and learn it themselves. (Too weird.)

* If you run Windows 8.x, and miss the old Start Menu, you’ll want to install a 3rd-party menu app. My choice is the free Classic Shell. (Actually you can use it for Win 7 or 10 if you really like it, and are weary of Microsoft always changing things to suit themselves.) It also has explorer enhancements, besides the start menu. (It start menu configuration options, put the OEM Microsoft options to shame.)


I appreciate the help.

The problem was the “restore” button (stacked squares) was not visible All that was visible was the “maximize” (single square).
I apparently had re-sized the window to full screen while in the partial window setting thus the OS thought it was less than full screen and did not offer me the option to restore down until I cascaded the open windows. To make mater worse whenever I’d hit the top bar the widow would minimize to the tool bar. Totally operator error but I been using Windows from the start and never did that before. I guess you learn something new everyday

Thanks again for the help