Cannot push/pull to increase gear bore size

I’m having trouble increasing the bore on the attached gear. The current bore is 6mm and I want to increase it to 6.6mm, so I do an offset on one of the end circles (0.3mm radius increase), then attempt to push that “ring” through but it will not allow me to push. I can’t see any obstructions…any help? Thanks.32p_16t.skp (299.7 KB)

The hole for the screw on the side would be an obstruction.

Before starting the Push/Pull operation hit Option. Then you’ll be able to push past the hole. You’ll have some intersecting and clean up work to do afterward. Or remove the hole on the side first.

At some point you’ll need to correct the face orientation in the screw hole, too.
32p_16t.skp (196.5 KB)

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Thanks for the tip and file. I thought I was getting pretty good at sketchup, but this seems a bit advanced for me. I tried taking your file and fixing it up by drawing many lines randomly where there were holes in the faces and that was successfully filling the holes. I wonder how the surface is being affected though. Seems like I’m doing it wrong, but at least you gave me some ideas. The Option key on push is a great tip.

Somehow I don’t think drawing random lines is the best way to fix something.

Will this do what you need?

32p_16t.skp (193.5 KB)

I think the easiest and cleanest way to do this is redraw the hub, the shaft bore and the hole for the set screw. That’s all very simple and fast.

That looks great. I was trying something similar. I deleted everything down to the disc with the teeth around it. Then I pulled out the shoulder where the set screw hole would go. Then I pushed through the bore. It worked, but things were weird…the model wouldn’t snap to the center point and sometimes a face would disappear. I didn’t try the screw hole - I have no idea how to do that (intersect two circles in different planes). I also went off searching for tutorials but found nothing relevant.

I would just take your model, but there are a few problems. Sketchup says it needs to “fix” the model when I open it…but I just ignore that and it seems ok (if allow it to fix it, it creates holes). My printer is printing the bore too small. So, 6.6mm actually fits a 6mm post. I’m trying to dial in what bore I need to create in sketchup in order to fit a 6.6mm post - looks like it will be about a 7.35mm bore…still experimenting. Similarly for the screw hole. Also, the original screw hole had threads and those have been lost somewhere long the way. In the end, I need to learn how to work with this part. BTW, the original gears (with step files) are here:

This explains it well: