Cannot log into my account



I cannot log into my account create last week 3D Warehouse. I received error and then locked out following 3 tries. I cannot change the password. I created the account ( last week and added many hours worth of content to collections, etc.

Unfortunately, I created an account in 2014, of which I forgot ( I must have confused google system when I set ups an account with the same email address but using a different password. My google account is I can only log in to the older account which I reset the password to the same password and now that account is not accessible. fustrated

Please have an authority contact me for find the lost profile and account recently activated, but now inaccessible. I think the two accounts with the same log in email accounts has confused the system. I prefer that the 2014 account be combined with the new account or deleted. I spent a week adding content to the newer account which I do not want to loose. Please advise ASAP. is my best contact. rmichael


Have you tried the link stating you forgot your pwd, They will send a code to your email account which allows you to the change the pwd. You should change the e mail account asap since everyone knows what it is now


The password request reset does not work. Please provide contact number or email for customer service.


Additional information on recommendation to request new password.

The only account recognized is the older account with the same email. The newer account with the same email, does not show up to make this request…That is the confusion and problem. My email account name defaults to the older account and not the newer account.


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