Cannot Install Sefaira - 'SefairaBootstrap Unsigned'

Hi - I’ve tried to solve this issue through support. We received our nonprofit version of Sketchup and Sefaira subscription in October of 2020. We have never been able to install the Sefaira Extension. The only thing that I can find in the Extension Manager is ‘SefairaBootstrap Unsigned’ and the only option is to uninstall it and then, I guess, reinstall it. We’ve done that numerous times.

I think Support has given up on us. The last contact we had from them was three weeks ago. The only response we received was a ‘stock’ response that said “What seems to be happening is that Sefaira is having a hard time connecting to Internet Explorer on your machine. Sefaira runs on IE (since IE is default on all Windows machines) it needs to be able to connect to it.”

I responded the first time, letting the support person know that we are running on a Mac, not a PC. We don’t have Windows Explorer. No response. A month or so later, when I finally received another response to the issue, it was exactly the same as the first. Then, support stopped responding at all!

We really need to get this resolved, so we can start using Sefaira.

I should note that we are using a Mac with Catalina OS 10.15.7 (19H524). Our graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB

Being on 10.15.7 and using Nvidia takes you into unknown territory, in that Apple stopped supporting Nvidia in 10.12. I have read about way around that, and presumably you have done those things.

I don’t think it affects the Sefaira situation though. The being unsigned message is because you get the plugin straight from the Sefaira team, it doesn’t go through the signing process that happens to extensions that are published to Extension Warehouse. As it’s from Trimble, you can know that it’s a safe extension.

But, you have to tell SketchUp that you know that it’s safe. To do that, click on the gear icon in the upper right of Extension Manager. What you see will look like this:

As you see, I have mine set to Unrestricted. You could do the middle one if you like, and they approve each extension that is Unsigned.

That’s one thing to try. The other thing is that you didn’t mention the SefairaStart extension. If that’s missing Sefaira won’t get started. I will send you a private message in a moment, with a zip file of the three items that go into the Plugins folder. You can get to that folder by choosing Go to Folder from the Go menu in Finder, and paste in this path:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/

When you get there you can either move in the three things I’ll send you, or only SefairaStart.rb, if that is missing. If they are all there already, hopefully the Extension Manager change helped. You would want to restart SketchUp after changing those settings.

I looked through your support emails, and someone should have noticed you were asking about Mac, and also escalated the issue to a Sefaira export (which happened eventually). I moved to a different team at the start of the year, but I will point out what was missed to the support team.

So, look for a message from me, but then come back here to report how the things I suggested work out.

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I am having the same issues and the solution recommended is not working for me. Can I get those three files as well? I have class in just a couple hours and have been trying days to get help with this.

Sefaira is included in a Studio (Higher Educational) subscription, your profile indicates Pro.
Is this correct?

Hi Mike - to be honest, I have no idea. We received Sefaira, as part of a subscription for our nonprofit, which is a Wooden Boat School located here in the Colorado Rockies.

Hello Colin - Your in depth reply and advice is so much appreciated! Update: I looked at the Settings you show above, and saw that we were already set to ‘Unrestricted’. I have not tried adding the files to the Plugins folder that you provided yet. Strangely, I clicked on ‘Extensions’, and Sefaira showed up. I then opened it, tried a simple box model to see if it was working, and it was! I then was able to take the model to Sefaira online, and was able to log in and play with the settings there to get different BTU results. Hooray! I have no idea what changed - the Extension Warehouse still shows the SefairaBootstrap as ‘Unsigned’. But the extension does appear to be working, and we are, as they say, off to the races, I guess!

Were you able to get Sefaira up and running?

Hello Again, Colin - Thank you again for your help. I did track down the plugins you sent - they were all in their proper places on my end, so I left them alone. Again, I appreciate the time and energy you put toward this. I wish I could pinpoint a definitive solution. But we’re happy that it’s working!

Extensions load alphabetically I believe, which could mean that an unrelated extension had an issue, and it stopped the later extensions from loading. At least it seems ok now, so that’s good.

I am still getting that same error.

Ecorea, did you try just going to the Extensions tab, and clicking the ‘Show Sefaira Plugin’? This worked for me, even though the Extension Manager still says that the Bootstrap thing is unsigned. The extension appears to be fully functional.


Not sure if you have had the opportunity to try this first?

Just as a side note, the Sefaira plugin saying “unsigned” should not be an issue. It will say that on all of our machines.

But yeah please give the recommendations in the help article first and let me know what comes of it.

My apologies, it looks like the issue is resolved on your end. Thanks @colin :slight_smile:

@RMWBS Reach back out to sir @niraj.poudel, he may have a solution. It does require uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling, but the team at Sefaira SU have done an amazing job with the recent fix. Worth a shot.