Cannot export DWG or DXF


Exporting to a dwg or dxf file fails, but only for certain Sketchup files. I am using Sketchup 2016 on a Windows 10 machine. When I create a new simple file and export it to dwg or dxf, it is successful, but when I export some other existing files, it is not. For the file that will not export, am clicking on File\Export\3d Model\ - I selecting dwg as the file type - then click export. At that point, I am just returned to the Sketchup model. I do not get any type of message and no file is created. I can select a file type other than dwg or dxf and the file exports.

I can create a new file draw a simple object and export it to the same folder, using the same file name as above and it exports with the expected “…export audit: OK…” dialog

As a trouble shooting step, opened the file that would not export, deleted everything, created a simple object and it would not export.

As another trouble shooting step, I have tried copying groups of objects little by little from the suspect file that does not export to a new file that does export to see if a particular object is prohibiting the export. As I test the export each time I copy a new group of objects, it works successfully at first, but eventually fails. At the point it fails, even if I delete the object that appeared to make it fail, the file will not export. At this point even if I delete all the objects and create one simple one, the export fails.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Can you attach here a simple model that fails to export for you?



As I was saving the simplified file that fails to export DWG, I unlocked all, deleted all layers, selected all on the default layer, deleted all the objects, drew a simple rectangle and still 11MB. Why so big? I attached it, but due to size, you may not get it.



There may still be component definitions and materials contained in the model. These are retained separately from any geometry that previously used them. Try Model Info->Statistics->Purge and see whether it gets rid of anything that isn’t being used.


Made it smaller thank you. But interestingly enough it also exports successfully after doing that.

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