Cannot enter dimensions of 2 or 3 dimensioned objects

Hi guys , i have been using sketchup for almost 2 years and i just upgraded my sketchup into 2021 pro. Its great and all but I am having issue about entering the dimensions while creating a 2d rectangular object. I can create lines no problem but whenever i try to create a box (for example “10;10” meters) i type in 10;10 and its visible in the length box but when i press enter it does not allow the box to be created its just sitting there. I am really confused about this and would be glad if a quick soution existed. Thanks for the help in advance ( sorry for the grammar or spelling mistakes its not my native :smiley: )

Look at the measurements window when you drag out the rectangle. What is the separator between the dimensions? Is it a semicolon or a comma? You aren’t clicking in the Measurements window are you?

Oh appearently its a comma instead of a semicolon that i used to have .Well that was it :smiley: thanks Dave appreciate the time and the effort

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Glad that helped.

It depends on your Windows regional settings. When you have a dot as the decimal separator, comma is the list separator and in decimal comma regions you must use the semicolon.

The “solution” should go to Dave. I just tried to add some background.

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