Cannot edit dynamic components



Hi. I just started getting this erro today…on the day I need to submit an important tender…

When trying to edit dynamic component - error: Callback function error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘attacheEvent’ @ dcbridge.js[601]

Please help!!!


Get the latest DC code RBZ and install it.
Close SketchUp.
Then copy its file/folder [su_dynamiccomponents.rb and su_dynamiccomponents subfolder] from Plugins into the …/SketchUp/ShippedExtensions subfolder so they are then in sync…
Restart SketchUp and retest…


Thanks for the help Tig. I don’t what you mean by “Then copy its file/folder”…

The link leads to a download for su_dynamiccomponents_7.rbz

Thanks anyway.


You need to install the RBZ - SketchUp 101 - in v2017 use the Window > Extension Manager > Install button [red], find the RBZ and install it.
Then look in your Plugins folder and copy the two items - RB file and subfolder of same name [su_dynamiccomponents.rb and su_dynamiccomponents subfolder] back into SketchUp’s ShippedExtensions subfolder…

If you are unfamiliar with where folders are to be found etc… then open the Ruby Console and run these two snippets [+enter] -
they will open the Plugins and ShippedExtensions folders for you…


Remember you need to copy the newly installed items from Plugins into ShippedExtensions…
NOT vice versa !
Then restart SketchUp…


@TIG M2 didn’t update the shipped extensions suite ?


[quote=“DanRathbun, post:5, topic:40310, full:true”]
@TIG M2 didn’t update the shipped extensions suite ?
[/quote] Quite probably, but I thought I’d just cover all bases - as we can only assume he’s got access to install the most up to date version of v2017 - and if he has that he has/will installed it by using ‘Run as administrator…’