Cannot create a hole in imported object (collada) in Sketchup Make


Hi all,

I keep encountering this problem in Sketch Up Make.

  1. My 3D design program have pre-defined library items such as cabinet doors and furniture etc.

    I need to export them to Sketch up Make (free version, not Sketch Up Pro) in order to modify them.

    So I exported them as Collada file format.

  2. Once I’m in Sketch up make, I imported these items as Collada file (I selected ‘Merge Coplanar faces’) and draw circle or rectangle shapes onto them.

    Then I tried using push/pull tool on these circles or rectangles to create holes into the imported objects.

    But I kept getting a protrusion of the circles or rectangles into these imported objects.

    Please see screen shots.
    Cabinet (234.9 KB)

Can anyone please help me?

I even tried “select all” and then click "Intersect faces’ and ‘with model’ or ‘with selection’ and then erase the circle or rectangle but it still does not work.



The door is a component, so you need to open the component for editing before you can cut a hole in it.


Hi Box,

Thank you so much. I followed your advice and it worked.

Thanks again for your help.



Just curious. How do you use these components that you are swapping between programs? What do you do with them in SketchUp?


Hi Dave,

Not sure if I understood your question but I will reply to you anyway based on my understanding.

Question: How do you use these components that you are swapping between programs?
I’m a kitchen designer using a 3D design software preloaded with a vast library of catalogue items. Sometimes, I have clients wanting to have customised doors so I have to modify them in Sketchup. I can’t do this in my software program.

Once I modify them successfully in Sketchup, I export them back and import into my software.

Q:What do you do with them in SketchUp?
As mentioned above, I use the basic tools to cut holes or make minor tweaks to cabinet doors.


I think you answered my questions just fine. Thanks.

You need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Make as your profile indicates you are.


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